Bread gnocchi

Bread gnocchi


Cut the bread roughly and boil the milk.Pour the milk on the bread and let it rest for an hour.
Dice the cheese and add it to the softened bread together with the flour, egg, chives and a pinch of salt.
Knead everything until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.
With a spoon, start to form “walnut-size” gnocchi and arrange them on a plate.

Cook gnocchi for 15 minutes in some salted water (remember: it’s important not to boil the water too much because gnocchi can disassemble).

Peel the onions and slice them horizontally and very thin so that they form rings and make them fry in a pan with butter.
When the rings are almost transparent, add the speck cut into strips.

  Finishing touch:
Drain the gnocchi, pour them in a pan with the sauce, mix and serve immediately.