Monkfish with speck

Monkfish with speck

An exclusive creation by the Chef


Fillet the fish and remove the skin, wrap the fish in slices of Speck Salumificio Val Rendena and cook it in a steam oven for 25 minutes (50°C at heart).
Reduce the temperature, until it reaches 3°C. Cut out some medallions and pass them in a pan.

Clean the artichokes, cook them in the traditional way, then cut them into wedges and pass them in a pan.

  Basil sauce:
Put in a mixer together: boiled potatoes, extra virgin oil, broth, basil and pecorino.
Blend everything until you get a green cream, put some salt and the cream in a sac a poche.

Peel the potatoes with the mandolin and cut them into small vertical slices, then blanch for a minute in acidulated water, dry and fry them.

  Finishing touch:
Arrange the fish medallions with the basil sauce on a plate. Serve immediately.