Knife Battuta

An exclusive creation by the Chef


  Vegetables brunoise:
Wash and clean the vegetables, then cut them into very thin brunoise (1x1mm maximum), let them blanch for 30 seconds in boiling salted water and add them on Carne Salada.

  Chickpea-based polenta sticks (Panizza):
Dissolve the flour in some cold water (about 1 liter) and boil another liter with salt and oil.
Add the melted flour and cook for 40 minutes.
Blend the mixture and shape in a rectangular bowl.
Let cool, cut the “panizza sticks” and fry.

  Carne Salada:
Beat the Val Rendena Carne Salada with a knife, season it with extra virgin olive oil, add the vegetables brunoise and the chives.

  Lemon sauce:
Blend all the ingredients until you get a sauce, pour it into the dish and add some extra virgin olive oil.