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Salumificio VAL RENDENA is specialized in the production of Speck, Salami, Carne Salada (dry salted meat) and other typical products from the Italian region Trentino.

The production of our delicatessen grows in the natural and unique landscape of the Dolomiti di Brenta and the Adamello - Presanella group, with the very close Val di Genova and Madonna di Campiglio,among pristine eternal ices and pure waters. An unparalleled oasis framed in the Parco Naturale Adamello - Brenta.

For over 60 years the successful combination between tradition and technology allowed the production of wide range of cold cut meats with a unique and unmistakable taste, with a great ratio between quality and price in line with consumer demand.

  • Andrea Gasperi, Gino Ferrari
  • stoccaggio speck
  • rinfresco
  • rinfresco
  • Il nostro speck
  • La nostra carne salada.
  • La nostra carne salada.
  • La nostra carne salada.
  • La nostra carne salada.

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Year 1947, Gasperi brothers, Francesco and Angelo, put at work their great professional capacity to process meats and produce delicatessen, acquired in years of working experience in Fiume, a former Italian city, now the Croatian Rijeka, starting up a production of delicatessen in the small town Vigo Rendena. Following 1947 to our days Gasperi trade has grown thanks to the constant commitment of his founders and current administrators.

Year 2007. Proudly the Val Rendena Delicatessen (Salumificio Val Rendena) celebrates 60 years of activity opening a second plant committed to the production of speck, highly appreciated product as all of our production. A surface of 14000 sq meters with a total roofed surface of 5000 sq meters dedicated to our production line.

The new production plant, modern and technologically advanced, allows a logic and rational working process with an overall improvement of production techniques. Always focusing on the company goal to grant maximum quality of our products for the best satisfaction of our consumers we pursue eagerly products process traceability as regulated by the health and safety department and, by year 2008, the voluntary certification as promoted by the Consorzio Produttori Trentini of delicatessen and implemented with an external certification Agency.

The Salumificio Val Rendena (val Rendena Delicatessen) is a leader in the production of Trentino meats derived delicatessen and its products are placed in the high quality Italian food stream with high recognition of brand and professionalism which makes us prized by our clients.